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Fuel Your Employees’ Drive

The Modern Management Program is a systematic approach to leadership and management training.

We use proven techniques and principles, from broad concepts to a targeted focus on specific areas of knowledge, everything necessary to help emerging leaders develop the skills they need to be vital, successful managers.

Unleash the potential in your organization by investing in the resources your employees need to become better managers and more effective leaders.

We had team culture issues, mainly due to everyone miscommunicating with each other. Cohesive team building and communication is what we took away. My team has grown since the training just from the effectiveness of understanding others.

Stacey Lyons

Director of Quality | Biomerics FMI


We’ve developed a multi-tiered approach to leadership and management development.

This gives an organization the flexibility to choose the right solutions for its team.

  • A range of resources have been crafted to address specific needs across the entire organization or to help groups with broad training.
  • Choose select skillsets from a spectrum of concepts, running from fundamentals and foundations to a cutting-edge curriculum.
  • Completely Customizable
  • Comprehensive or Laser-Focused


One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is capturing its employees’ potential and unleashing it for success – it rises and falls on leadership.

  • Help managers develop the necessary skills to surmount obstacles and seize opportunities as equipped, effective team leaders.
  • Employ Modern Management’s tailored approach to respond to today’s challenges and to prepare for tomorrow’s by empowering employees.
  • Utilize all the tools managers need – and more.
  • Trust in training that adapts to diverse sectors.


Success-focused executives don’t always have the bandwidth to personally motivate and mentor emerging leaders and high-potential employees themselves.

  • Modern Management offers an extensive inventory of topics and approaches to help individual organizations address their unique hurdles.
  • Cultivating managers includes helping them develop the insight to know what to do and how to get it done for their specific organization, team, and project.
  • Invest in employees and reduce turnover.
  • Boost productivity in a culture that excels.

Embrace proven methods and success through expert coaching and consulting from an objective, experienced trainer. Whether the organization needs strategic insights to make a whole department run smoothly or focused attention on problem areas and opportunities for growth, get a tailored strategy to help every manager – new or existing, struggling or top performing – reach their full potential and exceed it.

Invest in the Modern Management Program for success.

Amy Clem


Executive Trainer

Amy Clem is an experienced HR professional with over a decade of industry experience. She transitioned to faculty in the Soules College of Business at the University of Texas at Tyler in 2017. She has a passion for helping grow and mold the next generation into exceptional employees and leaders.

She is also an entrepreneur whose vision is to build, train, develop, and lead men and women to make a huge impact in the world. She loves to inspire and fill others with joy and confidence to become the best version of themselves. Her goal is to help individuals become effective managers, leaders, and problem solver‘s who thrive, not just survive, in their professional careers.

Dedicated to challenging professionals to be intentional and think differently, she utilizes personal coaching and group training and workshops to develop, impact, and inspire others to level up their managerial and leadership skills. Her motto is to “lead with purpose” and never be an “accidental leader”.

Amy Clem

Evan Young

Executive Trainer

Evan T. Young is a decorated retired Naval Aviator and Commander who brings over two decades of exemplary leadership experience to our training platform. Evan honed his leadership skills through various command roles, culminating in his position as the Executive Officer of the US Navy’s largest helicopter training squadron.  His rotary wing aviation background, marked by precision, discipline, and strategic thinking, seamlessly translates into the corporate realm. Evan has successfully led groups of up to 1,200 individuals, instilling a culture of teamwork, integrity, and high-performance standards.

Beyond the cockpit, Evan is committed to cultivating excellence. As a sought-after speaker and mentor, he shares invaluable insights gained from real-world challenges and triumphs. His dynamic approach empowers individuals and organizations to navigate complexity with resilience and adaptability.

In addition to his impressive military record, Evan is a devoted husband and a proud father of four children. He is also heavily involved in the community and has a unique ability to relate to individuals on a personal level.  This underscores his focus on the importance of balancing professional and family life, enriching his insights into effective leadership both in and out of the workplace.
Amy Clem

Jacob Carnes

Executive Trainer

Jacob Carnes is a seasoned business leader and an Executive Trainer in Leadership, known for his exceptional management skills and strategic insight at a notably young age. His career spans pivotal roles at Chick-fil-A, Sam’s Club, and as Marketing Director at Express Employment Professionals, showcasing his ability to drive success and foster organizational growth.
Equipped with a degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University of Texarkana, Jacob has seamlessly blended his academic knowledge with real-world experiences to excel in leadership, organizational design, and marketing. His commitment to excellence is further evidenced by his 7-year active involvement
with Rotary International, demonstrating his dedication to  community service and economic development.
At the heart of Jacob’s professional philosophy lies a passion for leadership and a vision for enhancing organizations to achieve economic success in his community. Alongside his professional pursuits, Jacob is a devoted husband and father, with his family fueling his drive to inspire and educate future leaders.
As an Executive Trainer, Jacob leverages his diverse experiences and insights to empower professionals with the tools they need to lead with confidence, innovate within their organizations, and contribute positively to their communities.
Amy Clem

Sarah Anderson

Client Engagement Director

Sarah Anderson’s passion for people fuels her career journey. Beginning as an HR professional, she discovered her love for empowering employees for success. Sarah firmly believes in the fundamental role of businesses in supporting, motivating, equipping, and investing in their workforce. Joining the Express Pros Training team as the Client Engagement Director, she enthusiastically engages with individuals, advocating for the cultivation of leadership in healthy organizations.

Hailing from Tyler, TX, Sarah holds a degree in Human Resource Development, a foundation she leverages to connect with businesses aspiring to achieve organizational success. Her mission is to shine a spotlight on the positive impact of fostering a people-oriented business approach.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sarah dedicates her free time to community service. Actively involved with Boathouse Ministries, she channels her time and skills to create a positive impact. Additionally, she invests her time in her church’s children’s ministry, nurturing an environment where young minds can thrive and flourish. Sarah’s commitment extends beyond the workplace, reflecting her genuine dedication to creating a positive impact both professionally and within the community.

Jamie Pollard

Jamie Pollard

Marketing and Communications Director

Jamie Pollard grew up in the Tyler, Texas area and is a purposeful and hardworking individual with a passion for creativity. With a degree in Business Marketing from The University of Texas at Tyler, Jamie is equipped with a strong foundation in marketing strategies and techniques. As the Director of Marketing and Communications at Express Pros Training she brings a fresh perspective to the company’s marketing communications efforts. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to crafting cohesive brand experiences, Jamie strives to ensure that every aspect of the company’s marketing aligns with its overarching vision. 

Kevin Johnson - Partner/Executive Trainer

Kevin Johnson, MBA


Kevin Johnson is the founder of  LeadTandem Management Consulting.  His focus is on helping individuals and teams perform at a high level. What motivated him every day during the 13 years that he was an executive in the healthcare industry was the satisfaction of helping people move past roadblocks to maximize their strengths. Potential shouldn’t be wasted when there’s momentum and progress waiting on the other side.

The cohorts he built, managed, and led had amazing tenure at his company and within his industry. Few competitors saw the same degree of success, but his achievement wasn’t a unique situation. Even though every business and its dynamics are different, the principles for success are the same. The key is piecing together the right ones at the right time.

As a result:

  • The vision and goals of the CEO and C-Suite are met.
  • A company has a healthy work culture of satisfied, loyal employees while maintaining sound business operations.
  • Tension and stress are transformed into positive forces of motivation and productivity.

Those are the frontline experiences that still fuel not only his work with businesses, but also his work as a business professor and while serving on the Business Advisory Committee for a local college.

As a result, his clients have access to the literature, the theories, and the constructive concepts that are out there.

Rocky Gill - Partner

Rocky Gill, CPA


Rocky founded  Express Employment Professionals of Tyler, TX more than 25 years ago. His goal was to help the businesses in his community find the talent they needed. Rocky’s commitment to service has made the Tyler office one of the Top 3 out of more than 800 Express offices worldwide.

Working with local businesses every day gives Rocky a birds-eye view of the challenges they have in common. One of the most common is turnover and trouble with employee retention. He believes that everything rises and falls on leadership.

He decided to invest in the Modern Management Program to provide a solution to these challenges. It takes training to become a better leader. Those better leaders increase loyalty and improve productivity. Development for emerging leaders is a wise investment.

Kenny Lange

Kenny Lange

Executive Trainer

Kenny grew up with an entrepreneurial father and mother and absorbed that spirit early in life. While in middle school, he would have his mother make an extra lunch that he would sell almost every day for vending machine money.

As a professional he discovered a love for helping leaders because he saw they often were expected to help others AND themselves. This led to a passion to learn as much as he could about what great leadership looks like and eventually led him to start his own company at 27. After multiple years, he sold his company to a larger enterprise and stayed around to help them go fully remote for the first time, expand their employment globally, and grow their revenue by almost double in 2 years during COVID. 

His passion is helping leaders to be better and gain clarity in a safe space as they chase their goals and discover who they were created to be. His focus is on creating leadership and organizational transformation that teams actually buy into in order to build a people-first and high-performance culture.

Jonathan Goza

Jonathan Goza, MBA

Executive Trainer

At some point all leaders find they have hit their ceiling and old solutions don’t work to get them or their business to the next level. Many business owners and executives find themselves working harder and harder but still not making meaningful progress on their goals. Jonathan knows what it is like to feel stuck. That’s why he started an Executive Coaching Firm – Blinker Fluid Coaching.

Jonathan has over 20 years of leadership experience as an Army Officer, Manufacturing Manager, and as an Owner/Manager in a family business. He is passionate about helping business owners and executives grow into an exciting next chapter of life. His goal is for business leaders to love what they do every day…teams that are winning and families that are thriving, because those leaders show up as the best versions of themselves at work and at home.

Jonathan is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He received his MBA from Southern Methodist University and his masters in Executive Coaching and Consulting from Concordia University, Irvine.

Shawn Welch - Executive Trainer

Shawn Welch

Executive Trainer

Shawn Welch founded the  Shawn Welch Company (SWCo)  to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves. He believes an organization cannot grow any faster than it can develop the leaders it needs.

Shawn draws on a lifetime of personal experiences in leadership to guide others through the challenges and pitfalls of leadership. He considers himself a coach first and foremost.

He provides leadership tools that help others make a difference in the lives of the people around them.

Shawn’s goal is to help you reach your goals. He uses personal coaching, group trainings and workshops, and organizational consulting to find the right solution to unlock your potential.

Jay Mathis

Jay Mathis

Executive Trainer

Jay Mathis was born and raised in Waco, Texas. A graduate of Baylor University, he spent 18 years in the financial services business before launching his consulting practice in 2008 – Mathis Consulting. He specializes in organizational health and leadership development, helping his clients achieve high morale and productivity, low employee turnover and minimal confusion.

Over the last 25 years Jay has also been a church planter/pastor and served for 3-years as the President of Africa Renewal Ministries. Jay and Lydia live in Waco and have two children and three grandchildren. They are active in their church and community, enjoy the mountains of New Mexico, and love cheering on the Baylor Bears. His clients have included, but are not limited to: City of Plano, Extraco Banks, City of Arlington Library, HOT Fair & Rodeo, Fort Hood-Garrison, Texas Farm Bureau, Shipp Belting, and Spectrum Wealth Advisors.

Express Pros Training is a Partnership.

Express Employment Professionals of Tyler, Texas, joined LeadTandem Management Consulting to develop a solution that delivers results on the most serious challenges facing their clients, to help organizations and individuals realize their goals and succeed.

The Modern Management Program is that solution.

It’s a partnership crafted by a top recruiting resource with trusted coaching and consulting experts to find and refine top talent to reach full potential. This extension of Express Pros Training aims to enhance the value of everything we provide to our customer base.

The partnership isn’t complete without the organizations we assist.

The program was crafted for organizations like yours. It solves the challenges you struggle with. It helps you hold on to your most valuable employees and invest in them for mutual benefit. It lays the foundations for solid, stable growth toward the goals that you’ve set and refines the people who will help you achieve them – through Modern Management.