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Introductory Intensives

Give your newest managers all the tools they need.

When a company promotes an employee to a new position of leadership, it’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that individual is provisioned with the latest management principles. Our Introductory Intensives are short-run programs crafted to get your personnel up-to-speed quickly, efficiently, and as completely as possible so they can hit the ground running, ready to tackle whatever challenges are waiting for them in their new post.

Targets & Takeaways



Participants in the sessions will gain a clarified vision, game plan, path…



Company sponsors will see a smooth, successful transition for new managers.



Participants in the sessions will gain new skills that can be used immediately.



Company sponsors will benefit from a greater retention of new managers.



Participants will gain increased confidence in their new roles.



Participation communicates to your organization: “We value our employees and are willing to invest in them.”



Participants will refine their skills through practicing application.



Better managers ensure company goals and initiatives are achieved.



Participants will gain the tools to succeed in six sessions and key areas of focus.



Improves employee longevity – the No. 1 reason people leave jobs is because of bad managers.



Participants will gain a new cohort for networking in the future.

Training Sessions

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Making the Transition

Rising from individual contributor to manager

You’re a great performer, which is more than likely a key reason why you’re in a managerial position today. That said, we know this change can be overwhelming! Before, you were responsible only for your own work; now, you’re responsible for the work of many. In this session, we will discuss the differences between being an “individual contributor,” how your responsibilities have now shifted, and where your focus now needs to be since you’re the “Captain of the Ship.”
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Knowing yourself and your team

A huge part of becoming a leader is self-awareness! You have to learn your own strengths, your communication style, and more about your own personality in order to become a strong leader. Once you have self-awareness, you also need to learn about your team so you can enhance your efforts to lead and manage your team members effectively. In this session, we will discuss your own assessment results, as well as the results of your team, to start becoming more familiar with your own strengths and style as well as that of your teammates.
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Expectations, accountability, and performance

Did you know that earning the trust and respect of your followers and team is crucial to your success as a leader? In order to gain trust and respect, you have to set expectations early and clearly with your team and then hold them accountable to those goals. However, you may be wondering: “How do I do this?” In this session you will learn how to set SMART goals, communicate them effectively with your team, and how to hold your team members accountable to those goals. You will also learn the art of FEEDBACK – How to give it candidly and professionally, and how to not avoid having those conversations. (P.S. You know who craves feedback? Your high performers.)
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Courageous Conversations

Handling difficult interactions with confidence

To be an effective leader and manager, you have to stop avoiding conflict! Good leaders have the tough conversations and address issues as they arise. In this session, you will learn how to increase your own confidence in addressing behavior issues as well as how to professionally and effectively have these conversations. FYI – There may or may not be some role-playing involved!

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Invest in the currency of great leaders

If you ask a room full of people what is the main characteristic of a good leader, 95% of the individuals will say, great communication skills! In this session, we will discuss how important communication is to a successful team and how listening and building relationships/connecting with others is crucial to leading an incredibly effective team.
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Do you have one and have you communicated it?

Have you ever been asked to go on a trip, but you didn’t know where you were going? Frustrating, right? This is how your team feels if you are not providing the “final destination” and how to get there effectively. In this session, you will create your own vision and learn how to clearly communicate that vision to your team and how to influence others from a positive and professional perspective.

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