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Business leaders at all levels of leadership often receive advice from multiple sources. However, finding a consistent and structured forum for unbiased feedback is rare. That’s where Management Mastery comes in. We provide a trusted community of professional business leaders who meet monthly in peer-advisory teams led by one of Express Pros Training’s seasoned executive facilitators. In this confidential environment, members can work through concerns, address challenges, and explore opportunities. By sharing valuable insights and personal experiences, our community fosters professional development, supported by relevant learning content. Gain guidance you can trust from respected peers at Management Mastery.

The Management Mastery Experience

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Insights From Experts

Guided by Professionals, Powered by Results.

Our peer advisory meetings are chaired by seasoned business professionals with graduate-level leadership content uniquely crafted for motivated business leaders. These professionals have walked in your shoes and have the reliability to guide you. Their commitment extends beyond team meetings as they engage with you in monthly one-on-one executive coaching sessions. Together you’ll develop and execute strategies, dig deeper into your business objectives, tackle pressing challenges, and set up
accountability structures.
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Uniting Brilliant Minds

Join a Powerful Network of Accomplished Professionals

Within Management Mastery, our dynamic groups are intentionally limited in size, ensuring an exclusive and impactful experience for each participant. This cohort, with their diverse backgrounds, unite to collaboratively address the complex opportunities and challenges that arise on a monthly basis. This exclusive group comprises like-minded men and women who are actively immersed in the business landscape. By joining forces, you can unlock unique insights that surpass what a mere Google search can offer.
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Invest in Your Journey

Carve Out Intentional Time for Professional Growth

Joining a peer advisory group allows you to prioritize and invest in your leadership development and professional business judgment. With dedicated and structured meetings, you create an intentional space to focus on your growth, refine your leadership skills, and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals. This intentional investment in yourself enables you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape, make informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities for success.

Empower your success beyond the present and reap ongoing benefits by engaging with a community of seasoned professionals in our peer advisory community.

Express Pros Training’s knowledge and expertise are so valuable. The resources they used and shared with the class are relevant and helpful to participants for many facets of leading and managing their team or department.

Gladys Casper

Human Resources Manager | Kelly Community Credit Union