Elevate and Equip

In-Person Instruction

We customize proven principles for your team.

Through the pillars and practices of our Intensive Training Program, Express Pros Training is ready to craft a unique strategy for your organization and its employees. While we draw from established methods, from the fundamentals to master-level management techniques, no training is like any other. Our goal is to develop a cohesive strategy that reflects the goals that are most important to your company’s leadership.

Our combination of multiple areas of focus – Communication, Alignment, Leadership, and more – helps cultivate a wide array of skills in new (and existing) leaders. Every training regimen will draw from each area of focus in varying degrees.

Areas of Focus



Workers are often hindered in communication and interpersonal skills. They may be lacking in crucial self-awareness and in an understanding of how they tick – and how they don’t.

We work with leaders and teams on topics like…

  • self-awareness
  • blind spots
  • interpersonal skills
  • managing conflict


When Express Pros Training partners with an organization to invest in its leaders, from the very beginning we’ll build a unique pathway that gets everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction.

We examine things like…

  • setting priorities
  • defining objectives and key results
  • strategic planning initiatives
  • time management


We utilize different assessments and various proven pathways to help walk leaders and teams further along the road to that place of trust, high performance, alignment, and excellent communication.

Key elements covered include…

  • execution
  • coaching skills
  • delegating
  • developing others

Reach out to Express Pros Training today to schedule a consultation and explore strategies to elevate your leadership culture. 

Effective Management

The cogs of one organization will fit together differently than they do at another company. It’s why there’s no single ‘training commodity’ anywhere that can be bluntly applied to your employees and quickly or effectively elevate them.

At Express Pros Training, we understand the cookie cutter approach just isn’t enough. Our Intensive Training is…

  • built on time-tested and proven principles.
  • tailored to your unique organization.
  • custom-fit for individual managers and leaders.

Even companies with their own internal development department reap great benefits from the fresh perspective of an outside voice…

  • a neutral, knowledgeable, balanced, objective viewpoint.
  • an outlook removed from internal politics and power.
  • with nothing to gain but our trainees’ success.

Express Pros Training avoids the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all solutions and failed practices, relying instead on a track record of tailored instruction that works.

Outsourcing management training sends a clear message to your employees:

“We’re investing in the team. We’re investing in you and your development.”

Take advantage of a No-Cost Consultation

Reach out to Express Pros Training today to schedule a consultation on how we can craft a customized training for your organization – proven principles, tailored for your team.

Express Pros Training was very hands-on and worked closely with me to customize the training so that it would be very applicable to the managers’ current roles. This was not some boilerplate training that followed generic templates. It was specifically tailored for my management groups.
Nick Paxton

Sr. Human Resources Manager | Smith Blair, a Xylem brand