Modern Management Mindset

What Is The Modern Management Mindset?

Engaging leaders leverage emotional and motivational intelligence to manage people successfully.

The Mindset Tier of the Modern Management Program seeks to train high-potential employees and emerging leaders with immediate access to simple solutions that get real results. The Mindset Tier was designed to provide quick fixes to urgent challenges as well as initial explorations into new areas. Aspiring masters of management can access assets that will help them:

Overcome Immediate Challenges
Identify Strengths & Skill Gaps
Roadmap Learning Priorities

Mindset Courses

Virtual Training

Masters of Modern Management lead with Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. They look for solutions when others look for excuses. They embrace challenges and model accountability. The first step toward mastering management is developing the mindset.

Resources in the Mindset Tier include case studies, white papers, how-to guides, and introductions to specific areas of knowledge and vital managerial processes. The Mindset Tier also offers in-person and online events that emerging leaders can attend to socialize and network with peers and mentors.

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Virtual Training Course

Emotional Intelligence is more than just a buzzword. High emotional intelligence is associated with strong employee engagement, effective leadership, and successful career paths. This 4-part training teaches participants to use processes and strategies to positively influence engagement, performance and leadership.

Learn about:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management
Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

Virtual Training Course

Learn how to be “candid with care”. This virtual training introduces the concept of Radical Candor as an alternative to overbearing and obnoxious behavior on the one hand or tip-toeing around issues on the other.

Participants will learn to: 

  • Build Trust
  • Empower Employees
  • Create a Culture of Open Communication
  • Break Down Barriers that Compromise Courageous Conversations