OAD Assessment

Lead With More Than Intuition

Boost your management and employee development efforts by pairing your expertise with objective data that quantifies the behavior and skills of your employees.


Measure behavioral traits and optimize job performance.

An Organization Analysis & Design (OAD) Assessment enriches your toolkit with accurate, fact-based insights, empowering targeted success. With the dedication and innovation of committed leaders and employees, the assessment data provides a robust foundation for decision-making, implementation, execution, and evaluation that fosters sustainable growth.

  • The OAD Assessment is EEOC-aproved because of its reliability, unbiased language, and job relevancy.
  • An instrument designed to create and sustain positive momentum.
  • Receive continued support from Express Pros Training as one of only a few organizations licensed as an OAD Distributor.

Skills 360

Analyze key skills for professional growth.

The skills 360 assessment is an all-encompassing evaluation instrument that collects feedback from diverse perspectives, including supervisors, peers, and subordinates. It equips your personnel with a comprehensive understanding of their areas of strength and areas for improvement. By aggregating input from multiple sources, our 360 assessment ensures a holistic and unbiased evaluation of key management skills.

  • A Skills 360 assessment is a comprehensive and balanced view of an individual’s competencies.
  • Increased self-awareness is a catalyst for managerial skills development.
  • Skills covered: Leadership, communication, time management, delegation, organization, and more.

ESCI 360

 Gauge emotional and social intelligence

What distinguishes exceptional bosses from the rest? Answers to this question are often linked to behaviors associated with emotional intelligence, rather than how smart they are. The ESCI 360 assessment is an all-encompassing evaluation instrument that
collects feedback from diverse perspectives, including supervisors, peers, and subordinates to assess your personnel’s emotional and social intelligence.

  • Raises awareness and focused improvement through powerful feedback.
  • An ESCI 360 assessment provides a comprehensive and balanced view of social and emotional competencies.
  • Leaders with high emotional and social intelligence are better equipped to understand and respond to the needs and concerns of their team members.


Discover your unique superpower

The CliftonStrengths assessment unveils your individual rank order of 34 strength themes, unveiling your talent DNA. These themes represent the way you naturally think, feel, and behave. Too often, our natural talents remain untapped as we focus on fixing our weaknesses rather than nurturing our strengths. It’s time to set yourself apart from the crowd and bring unparalleled clarity to your role. Strengthen your management practice and unlock your full potential with the CliftonStrengths assessment.

  • Find clarity and purpose as a manager, fueling success for yourself and your team.
  • Cultivate a strengths-based work culture for increased engagement, happiness, and peak performance.
  • Stand out and excel by harnessing the power of your unique strengths.

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Prior to using OAD in our company, we used another personality profile service. While that service ticked a lot of boxes for us, we were missing a more personal customer service piece to walk alongside us as we implemented the program. Not only has that service been instrumental in helping us learn the OAD tool, it has also provided support for our managers as we utilize it to grow and develop our employees.

Cammy Hensley

Director of Human Resources | Estes, McClure & Associates