OAD Assessment

You lead with more than intuition and experience

Pair your expertise with objective data that quantifies the personalities, communication styles, and performance of your employees.

Successful executives put every skill and resource to best use for the sake of their company, their team, and their future. An Organization Analysis & Design (OAD) Assessment expands and enhances their tool kit with fact-based, accurate insights that can be utilized strategically, targeted toward success. Combined with the passion and innovation of dedicated leaders and employees, the assessment data ensures decision-making, implementation, execution, and evaluation is grounded in the strongest foundation possible, one positioned for sustained growth.

Lead with Insight

The OAD Assessment is EEOC-approved because of its reliability, unbiased language, and job relevancy.

Use it throughout your organization to:

  • Create job profiles that match other high-performing employees
  • Recruit people who are compatible with job function and company culture
  • Evaluate how well communication is being received
  • Motivate employees
  • Learn more about yourself as a leader

Invest in Accuracy

The OAD Assessment, or Organization, Analysis and Design Assessment, is the only adjective-based personality assessment tool that meets the validity and reliability requirements of these entities:

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • American Psychological Association
  • British Psychological Society
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Association of Test Publishers
  • Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

To learn more about the science and history behind the OAD Assessment, visit their website here.

Sustain the Success

OAD is an instrument designed to create and sustain positive momentum.

Testing services include:

  • Continued support from Express Pros Training as one of only a few organizations licensed as an OAD Distributor
  • User-friendly assessment reports
  • Job profile benchmarks
  • Coaching reports that teach you how to motivate your employees and lead them well
  • Red flags identifying if a person is moving toward burnout
  • Custom, personal web-based portal
  • Tips and resources for leaders
  • The option to purchase a specific number of tests or annual subscriptions with unlimited access

Reach out to Express Pros Training today to schedule a consultation and explore strategies to elevate your leadership culture. 

The OAD Assessment has given me more insight into my staff and more self-awareness as a leader. Prior to the assessment, I made incorrect assumptions about my employees because I judged them based on the ways I process and behave – but now I am able to evaluate them more accurately because I better understand their motivations and behaviors. Onboarding is smoother, communication is clearer, and I am more aware of what my employees need for a happy workplace. The OAD has been a gamechanger and I think every business should implement it.

Kelly Jenkinson

Director of Staffing | Express Employment Professionals

Express Pros Training

Let me know some information about your business and interest in the OAD Assessment, and I’ll follow up with directions on how you can best use the OAD Assessment to create positive momentum.

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Kevin Johnson